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In addition to routine primary care, we are excited to offer a diverse set of services to make your experience with Haven Family Health more wholesome.  Many of these ailments can be taken care of in-house for an additional cost rather than referring you away to a specialist which saves you time and money. To see primary care services and membership prices click here.


- Skin biopsies (shave and punch biopsies)

- Skin Tag Removal

- Cryotherapy

- Suture repair

- Incision and drainage

- Medical Ear Piercing


- Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT)

- Red Light Therapy

- Ayurvedic Consultation

- Yoga Sessions  

- 3 Day Cleanse Program


- Cardiac Monitoring Device 

Please click on the pictures below to learn more about each of the service and cost.

Aesthetic Services
Offered to Members and Non Members

Medical Grade Ear Piercing

Medical Grade Sterile Ear Piercing

- Members $99

- Nonmembers $129

Kids (ages 4+) and adults

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