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Direct Primary Care for Small Businesses

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Providing access to quality healthcare for your employees can be difficult in this day and age.  There are many variables to consider including costs and the quality of the services your staff will have through the program you choose. This is where Haven Family Health can help you. We partner with small business to help provide concierge-level primary care services to your staff where they have unlimited access to us for a nominal monthly membership which may range from $75-$125/month. For a breakdown of the monthly membership and other services that membership offers click here.

Why choose us for your benefits package:

  • SAVE MONEY: Providing modern-day healthcare for employees is costly, not just for you but your employees as well. Monthly premiums can be really high and on top of that the employees will still have copayments and deductibles they pay out of pocket. In Direct Primary Care, there are no copayments for primary care visits and the pricing for services are transparent. As an employer you would only pay a fraction of the cost per month compared to what you would pay for health insurance premiums. Monthly membership would be anywhere between $75-125/staff per month.  All of the employees primary care visits including physicals, acute visit, virtual and in person visits, routine follow up are all covered. Also they have access to discounted labs and imaging through the facilities we partner with.

  • REDUCE ABSENTEEISM: At Haven Family Health, we are proactive about our patient's health and advocate preventive care.  This will help your employee stay active and healthy. Our goal is to keep our patients from getting sick, rather than just treating the illness. However if they do get sick, we offer same day or next day visits in person or virtually depending on what is most convenient for them.  The earlier you can access to a doctor when feeling sick, the faster they can recover! In traditional insurance based clinics, the wait time is usually 2 weeks to get in! This causes delay in care and time off from work. Often times it leaves your employee running to the urgent care or ER where they have to wait for hours and pay a lot out of pocket to meet a doctor who doesn't even know them.  At Haven Family Health, your employees will have access to the same doctor who knows them really well, can triage any concerns quickly and promptly treat acute concerns that come up.  

  • BOOST EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION: Offering your staff health benefits communicate to them that you are an employer who is concerned about their health and wellbeing.  It sets an example that taking care of one's health is important, and when you partner with Haven Family Health, you are supporting the values of preventive holistic health and wellbeing.  Having access to a holistic practitioner will take away a lot of the stress about one's health, and help your employees stay happy.  This will translate to better work morale and job satisfaction.

  • HELP WITH EMPLOYEE RETENTION: Offering health benefits will give you a competitive edge to retain your best and talented employees. 

Let’s Work Together

Dr. Marylin James

Dr. Marylin James, DO
Dual Board Certified Family Medicine physician

4243 Sunbeam Rd, Suite5

Jacksonville, FL 32257

Tel: 847-912-4151

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